Tuesday, 28 August 2007

L.A.: honk if you mean it

Second day in L.A. and the city stretches out forever. It takes an hour to get anywhere, and the heat is oppressive. Jumping nimbly from shadow to shadow, I've managed not to get sunburned yet.
LAX was run down. All of downtown is, in fact, run down. The malls are dusty, dirty, old, and full of homeless people sleeping. Online shopping has hit L.A. hard.
I took a bus (three buses, 2 hours) out to the Getty Center, walking around the UCLA campus and Rodeo Drive on my way. The Center is closed on Mondays, and miles from anywhere. The hills look like M*A*S*H. Took two buses to downtown (1 hour).
The Disney concert hall is amazing. The roads are vast, wide, and cracked. LA has 99c everything, including wine. God knows how it tastes, I don't think my insurance covers attempted suicide...

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