Monday, 10 September 2007

Bluetooth working, pics off phone now

Vista, the new version of Windows, was released before the market was ready for it. I have it on my laptop (new PCs now all have it pre-installed) and it has been a tremendous pain in the ass to bring it into line with all my stuff. Only today, after having it a few weeks, have I managed to get my cellphone to copy stuff across using Bluetooth.
I forgot to bring the power cord for my Fuji camera (thought it charged via USB), so until I get a local plug, my photos will be grainy like these.

They are all of Buffalo. Enjoy.

From the theatre district.

Only $9.99, if you can believe it.

It was 80 degrees in the shade of this tree.

On prepay, no contract.

I saw a huge black guy with one of these in L.A. People take them into Burger King, McDonalds, anywhere with a soda fountain. His said, "BIG DOGS CUP".

I'm going to start looking for work tomorrow, as I now have a Canadian bank account and a SIN, which is a national ID number for tax and pension records. I'm legit, so now I can walk tall in the street and stop sloping around like some kind of Southern Hemisphere drifter.

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