Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cartoonishly Nice

I'm constantly noticing the niceness of Canada. Take this example:

002 This barrier arm is padded. A group of people sat down and decided that people illegally running toll booths may scratch their vehicles, and that would not do.

I took a ferry out to the island off the coast, if that is what you call the edge of a really big lake.


The CN Tower has a short, fat friend. His name is the Rogers Center, but people call him the Skydome.


The CN Tower from a little further back.

The island is about 90% parks.

Hey look, Canadian geese.


Someone put a rock here, one year to the day before I was born, to say that there is a Trout Pond here. There was no Trout Pond, but it seems like a nice rock.


Cynicism not spoken here.


I knew I was in for a long walk when I saw almost every other ferry passenger with a bicycle.
At one point I heard a cycling child, in a row of ducklings on wheels, cry "It's a car! Look out, it's a car!"

The island was lush and deserted.


The tourist season had ended a few weeks ago.


This quadra-cycle nonsense must end, and end here, at the Olde Time Bridge to Happy Animal Land.


Happy Animal Land had a variety of the sort of things that scurry when one goes out in a Surrey with a Fringe on Top. The animals seemed pensive.
My favourite was an old goat with a cough like a child trying to stay home from school.


There were five hundred more of these out of shot to the right in the Great Canadian Goose Savannah. One of them hissed at me; I can only assume he was an American Goose.


Oh, Canada. So damn nice.


Back in the city. I'm just glad these aren't fibreglass moose.


The sun sets behind the Tower.


I've bought a ticket to Calgary for Saturday, so I'm cramming in all the touristy stuff this week.

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