Tuesday, 18 September 2007

CODEPHRASE: The Wombat Floods At Night

My roomate, tonight, snores. Loudly. It sounds - and I had time to pinpoint this exactly - as though a wombat had a flooded engine, yet someone kept trying to start it. Who? Oh, perhaps one of the lesser gods whose power, though falling short of smiting, still had an infinite and transcendent ability to annoy.
Little can be done. I have tried throwing small objects. This afforded me the delight of finally finding a use for my now-significant pile of pennies, but did not affect any change in state, except a few minutes of the sound becoming that of a vacuum which had sucked up a sock. Nor did a pillow, flung with a reluctantly cathartic desperation, affect the slumbering source of septic sound.

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Laura said...

Logan you crack me up with every posting. what sort of accomdation are you staying in at mo? We finally have the broadband and will be moving to our new house in 15 days!!