Sunday, 23 September 2007

Time Zones, or, Why I Got Up At 4 A.M.

When it is midday in Calgary, it is 2pm in Toronto, 7pm in the U.K., 8pm in France, and 5am (the next day) in New Zealand.
To watch two Rugby World Cup matches (Australia in Montpellier at 2:30pm and New Zealand in Edinburgh at 5pm), I had to get to the only pub in Calgary which plays these pay-per-view games. The entry fee is $20.
When it is 2:30pm in France, it is 6:30am in Calgary. To catch the first train of the day at 6:35am, I set my alarm for 6am.
My alarm was still on Toronto time from yesterday, so buzzed at 6am Eastern Standard Time. After I had arisen, dressed, and staggered downstairs I looked at my watch, which was set to the local Mountain Standard Time, to find that it was.... 4am.

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