Tuesday, 27 November 2007

1kg of Watties below freezing

I was foolish enough to go outside today. It's -17 C.

I learned from my previous outing at -2 C that headwear is essential, so I bought a 'Canada' beanie ($2) and pulled it down over my ears until I looked like a cross between Craig David and a flapper.

I covered up with a sweater, gloves, and a coat. My face, however, remained unshielded from the wind, and this is where cruel Nature spread her icy fingers. Or rather, placed her icy packets of frozen peas, because that's exactly what it felt like: taking a walk on a winter day with my face in a freezer full of Watties Garden Minted Peas.


I've just watched the first season of the sleeper U.S. hit, The Flight of the Conchords. Apparently they used to be in New Zealand or something. Check out this YouTube clip. [link]


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