Saturday, 15 December 2007

Ho Ho Ho Homo

My roommates threw a Christmas party this evening. The last two days have seen the house turned inside out, shaken, vacuumed, dusted, beaten, mopped, cleaned, tidied, reorganised, de-furred, festooned and fussed over, then put back together in several styles, each more festive than the last. The floors sparkle, the pillows sit up proudly, the sinks shine; even the toilets have a manic gleam. I am observing a homosexual Christmas.
I arrived home to find the party in half-swing. An unknown crooner's rendition of 'Silent Night' drizzled from the stereo while gays of all stripes sipped their Diet Cokes and chatted about the decor, which Martha Stewart herself would find hard to fault.
I talked with a lesbian who found love in Lethbridge, a mo majoring in math, and a gay guy from Manitoba who does exactly what I do. But with highlights.

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