Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Films that will Make you Stupider

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Gaysploitation for mouth-breathers.

Dragon Wars
Straight-to-video CGI of dragons crushing houses.

Lost: SSN 3
Come ON. If you were stuck on a Third World island for this long, you'd have expired of massive renal failure and monkeys would have fought with giant crabs over your exquisite floppilidopplies.

Shoot 'Em Up
The worst film Clive Owen or Paul Giamatti have ever done; the third-worst film
Monica Bellucci has appeared in.

Any Canadian TV series
Corner Little Mosque on the Prairie Gas, the animated series... not bad for Saskatchewan, eh?

I Know Who Killed Me
Here's a shock; it's your own hard-drivin' lifestyle, Lindsay. I only seys it because I luv you.


Anonymous said...

La Femme Nikita and highlander had several seasons filmed inb canada and hrtey rocked! really rocked!


Logan Longbourne said...

The best Canadian film I've seen since I've been here is "Everything's Gone Green". Film-festival-ish goodness by Douglas Coupland. Who? Mr Gen-X, that's who.