Sunday, 27 January 2008

Life Inside a Laptop

I spend a lot of time on my laptop. A lot. So I've spent a bit of time customizing it to suit my workflow and bend it to my evil, fickle will.
I'm running Vista, mainly because I'm too scared to install a different system, even Windows XP. The sidebar that comes with Vista is dumb, and I'll tell you why (yes it's that sort of post today). It insists on always being on top of everything, and doesn't let anyone into its side of the screen. Ugh. Plus it has huge, huge gadgets that don't do anything great.
I tried out all the options (Samurize, Google gadgets, Rainlender, etc) and settled on Yahoo Widgets. These are them:

There's a clock (because I hide the taskbar), an internet graph, a "busy CPU" graph, a RAM pie graph ('cos I've only got 1Gb) with a battery meter inside that. The clock is 'Analog Clock' and the rest are 'Neon Gauges'.

My next one is a Mac rip-off called ObjectDock Plus. I also ripped off the iPhone icons, except the top one which is a Mac system icon. It's a shortcut to a file called WANT! where I list all the things I want to buy but can't afford... with pictures and prices (no, an iPhone's not in there). The next one is my Active folder, then Pictures/Photos, Music, Skype, IrfanView (pic editing), Photoshop, and lastly the Windows utility for uninstalling stupid software I shouldn't have installed in the first place but it seemed cool and god knows what it left on my system but hey.

The last thing is an innovation all my own. I photoshopped some wallpaper (which looks like actual wallpaper if an emo decorated your house), adding three landing strips for my Reading Pile (stuff I haven't watched/read/digested for entertainment), work In Progress, and Temporary stuff which belongs somewhere else. There's only room for five things on each landing strip, so it doesn't get overwhelming plus forces me to prioritize.

As you can see, I'm starting on 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' and part-way through 'Hustle', season one. My work right now is a project on Antarctica and a DLE-sized design job, part B. All my temp stuff is tidied away. So minimalist, so designer-y.

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