Sunday, 3 February 2008

Big Names

The Superbowl is tomorrow. It's kind of a big deal over here, although it takes second place to (ice-) hockey. The New England Patriots, based in Boston, have won all of their games this season--18 in a row--which hasn't been done by anyone since 1972. They're up against a New York team, the Giants, who came close to beating them late in the season.

This is Patriots star Tom Brady in a rare moment of abject humiliation.

Calgary has been stunningly cold lately, and my outside excursions have been mainly scurrying between modes of transport/warmth. My fingers have experienced more freeze-defrost cycles than a microwave dinner.

I have an interview for a design job at IBM on Monday, plus I'll be talking with a guy from a real estate firm who took pity on me after seeing a grown man working at the bottom of the video store totem pole.

To make my long commute more bearable, I listen to audiobooks which I download via BitTorrent. I've almost finished the 75 Greatest Books series (most of which are irritatingly religious) and I'm getting more into poetry and non-fiction now. Then there are podcasts like History According To Bob and audio-only versions of Ivy League lectures which are becoming available online.

Google Video has almost a full range of Louis Theroux shows: among the best gonzo journalism pieces in recent history. I've also been watching the canceled show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on DVD to get my Aaron Sorkin fix since I finished watching The West Wing.

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