Friday, 22 February 2008

Things I Learned This Week

When a hippo in heat spots a female, he stands in the open and voids his bowels while spinning his tail. This may be where 'the shit hits the fan' came from.

One of my co-workers used to work the carnival circuit for five years with her family. A bunch of carnies, mucking out elephant stalls and shilling hoop toss to gullible country folk. Then last year she got hit by a mail truck. Her cat likes pot and she has a magnesium walking stick.

Platypi are poisonous. Really, really poisonous.

Edison was an asshole who stole a boatload of ideas from other people, notably Tesla. He also publicly electrocuted dogs trying to demonstrate the dangers of AC current compared to his favored DC current (even though AC is actually safer).

All of the computer games I played as a kid turn out to suck. Except Taipan.

Hemingway novels and short stories make for bad films.

Nicholas Cage's worst film of all time is The Wicker Man. Best scene: punches a woman in the face while dressed as a bear. This and other clips here.

HD-DVD is dead.


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