Saturday, 1 March 2008

You Can Take This Job And Shove It

I gave notice at my work today, and then later at my flat. I'm quitting this job and this house and this city.

A steady stream of freaks, the unemployed, the homeless and the flat-out thieving passed by my uniformed gaze today, as it does most days. Eventually, after 5pm the regular working people begin to saunter through the doors, stepping out of their SUVs long enough to pick up the latest marketing explosion. Films are rented not by merit, but in direct proportion to the amount spent on their promotion. The Big Macs of the film world fly out the door with dulling regularity while the back catalogue of films guilty of nothing but being old languish in ignominy.

My flatmates: exactly like these two guys.

Calgary: like the picture below, but with half-melted snow mixed with dirt, solidified exhaust fumes, staggering homeless people, fifteen commuters in shapeless cheap winter jackets and a sign on the bus saying 'OUT OF SERVICE'.

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