Thursday, 17 April 2008

Chicago, take III

With the delays, I had about three hours in Chicago today. I pre-ordered a pizza at Giordano's and walked down to the ArchiCenter. They didn't have any tours shorter than two hours, so I looked at their generic shop for a while, then went back to get my pizza.
Having eaten in American establishments before, I took extreme caution. In Buffalo last year, my medium wings were nearly the size of an actual buffalo. Yesterday in Memphis, my breakfast appeared to have been created for Elvis in his TV-shooting years. So today I ordered a small pizza. I still have half of it in a doggie bag, and the first half was the most magnificent fast food I have ever tasted. This is America's contribution to world cuisine: big, fast and fatty. The Chicago pizza is the only convenience food which has not succumbed to that most American of instincts, homogeneous mass-production. It is preserved in its crafted form, and has never faced the barrage of compromises required of a Big Mac.
My next train was 18 hours west to Denver.

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