Sunday, 6 April 2008

I'm living in Groundhog Day

I slept through my alarm this morning and only awoke fifteen minutes before the departure time. There was little to do but curse the fates, cancel my ticket, and bang my head against the wall. My two-night Minneapolis stay has become four nights.
I eventually finessed a solution; to take a train at 11pm tonight to Staples, Minnesota, hang around for three hours amongst the simple country folk from 1am-4am, then catch another back through this city and on to Chicago. Saves me another night in this hostel, and guarantees I'm on the train.
Today I'm spending more time in the museum and go to see a film later, for the first time outside New Zealand. Strange considering that I staying in West Hollywood for a week and in Toronto while the film festival was on.

I'm eating too much processed, sugary food and it's wiping me out. I get sleepy a lot during the day and I feel a bit like I'm floating above it all. I'm going to try to ramp up the salads and protein, and dial back on candy bars.

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