Saturday, 21 June 2008

Freeware Necessary For Life 2

Firefox 3
You can tell a lot about a guy by the web browser he uses. Internet Explorer? Works in an office or doesn't care about computers. Safari? Likes shiny objects. Opera? Wants raw speed. But the guy who uses Firefox is an endless tinkerer, a ceaseless tester of add-ons and plug-ins. Eight million people downloaded Firefox 3 when it was released on June 18—a world record.
This version is faster than earlier Firefox releases, and is much faster than Internet Explorer. But the real heart of Firefox is in the add-ons, which profuse like fat chicks at cheap pubs. There are thousands, and also many graphic styles to change the overall appearance of the browser.

For Windows & Mac. Download here.

Short for crap cleaner, this is the crème de la crème of hard drive spring cleaning tools. Run it monthly to get rid of file remnants clogging up your drive. Use it to check which startup programs are making your reboot take so long. And clean up your registry, the ugly, opaque heart of the system through which all applications must pass. All this will make your PC run faster and cleaner.

For Windows. Download here.

Anyone with a busy life ends up with notes everywhere. Outliner programs offer a simple way of bringing order to the messy clutch of Post-Its that threaten to overwhelm life as we know it. The two things that set TreeDBnotes apart from other outliners is (a) its excellent image-handling, and (b) that it is pretty. If neither of these reasons seem particularly good, go with the simpler KeyNote.

For Windows. Download TreeDBnotes here. Download KeyNote here.

If I view an image, I want the application to open fast and not interfere with the viewing experience. Faststone Maxview succeeds on both counts. It can handle most filetypes you throw at it (for the more obscure ones, go with IrfanView).

For Windows. Download MaxView here. Download IrfanView here.

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