Thursday, 21 August 2008

Flee, Before The Ageing Gets You

To celebrate my birthday on Monday, I'll be flying to London.
Last year I went to Los Angeles, but this year it's England and France. I'm in London and surrounds from 26 August until 2 September, when I take the bullet train to Paris. I'm there for nine nights, then it's one night back in London before coming back home to Toronto.
I plan to visit enough museums to the point where I start yawning at Picasso (it takes about seven decent galleries). Also I'll be going to Versailles for a day, but mostly just strolling around Paris and grumping around London. I have a ticket to the Globe Theatre the night before I fly out.

I've been playing with my camera over the last week. I've never really learned much about photography, and this trip I'll be experimenting with aperture, exposure, shutter speeds, film speeds, all that stuff. Paris is ridiculously full of photogenic things, my camera will be filled most days.

I'm taking many tiny travel things:
Asus EeePC (7" screen laptop)
VX nano mouse
iPod nano (Chinese knock-off, 4gb)
Mini travel voltage adapter
2.5" 100Gb external hard drive
Fujifilm F30 compact camera
Tiny tiny phone
Inside-Out expanding map/guides: London, Paris
Tiny toothbrush&toothpaste&mouthwash&shampoo&conditioner&many tiny packs of stuff that I'll never use
Earplugs, eye mask, Nyquil (= dreamy sleepy night snoozy snooze) the usual travel stuff: twice as much money and socks as I think I need, and no books or work stuff. All in a single carry-on bag.

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Anonymous said...

hey logan i changed jobs so didnt have your diary link, were you in london? you shouyld have given me a shout! did you like it? how was paris? what are you up to now??