Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Washington's Teeth

George Washington had false teeth. The regulation story is that they were made of wood, evidenced by portraits like this.

...even though you can't see his teeth, he don't look happy.

Anyway, the national fetish for preserving obscure relics of canonised leaders lead the National Museum of Dentistry to retain the former President's dentures upon his death, and recently it came to light that President #1 had some pretty weird stuff in his mouth.

Scanning a copy of very old false teeth. This is science, people.

The teeth were made from the following:


Ivory (from hippos).

Lead (poisonous).

Human teeth (probably extracted from soldiers fallen on battlefields).

Horse teeth.

Donkey teeth.

Let's look at that expression again.

Damn right. You'd look like that too if you could play 'Animal Vegetable Mineral' for half an hour based on what was in your mouth.

There's a fine level of bullshit surrounding George Washington's legend. This video will explain everything.

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