Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Travelling While Introverted

Kottke, I think, offered up a link to Confessions of an Introverted Traveler and it made me think of all the photographs I have without people in them. I often patiently waited for everyone to step the hell away from things before I took shots I was happy with, and even then it was a pretty small window of opportunity.

Here I present shots complete with what I was thinking when I took them.

You are all ants. All tiny ants. Here comes the hoof of mechanised progress.

Nice way to screw up my shot, asshole. Now turn in profile for the next two minutes so I can get another one without Australians in it.


There must be some point at which the body of the vehicle kind of breaks off and sags over the wheel until it can't move.

That's some good symmetry right there. And no-one is tall enough to block my shot.

I was getting too much glare earlier from everyone's shiny, shiny pants.

Hey there, crossy. Whatcha thinkin ?

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