Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Coffee in Chinatown

Toronto is a wonderfully chilled out city. The climate is a bit more humid and less hot than I'd expected given that this is the tail end of summer. People are relaxed, friendly, and in no hurry to get anywhere. Reminds me a bit of New Zealand, actually.
The Canadian flag shot is taken from one of the many parks around the central city, and the Oxbridge-esque cafe is around the corner from where I'm staying.
The aeroplane shot is of the Grand Canyon from a very great height. Given that we flew clear across northern America, you'd think there'd be more to see, but apart from a glimpse of Detroit, this was pretty much it.

My favourite thing in Toronto so far is going to the park and seeing the squirrels; they were merry. When I figure out how to put video up, you shall see and enjoy.

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Laura said...

Am really enjoying your travels so far, I hope that will write a book someday!