Thursday, 6 September 2007

Toronto International Film Festival

The film festival is coming... starts tomorrow, runs for a few weeks.
Toronto is huge on films even when the fest isn't on. Check out the page below, showing the staggering number of different films you can see today, with no festival on:

The combination of the fest plus the Virgin Mobile two-day concert here leaves me without a bed for two nights, so I'm going across the border to Buffalo, New York. I pass by Niagara Falls on the way, twice. Buffalo sounds fairly mediocre but it has world-class art museums. I didn't want to try to cram Montreal or Manhattan into a short, impromptu jaunt, so Buffalo/Niagara it is.

Backpackers hostels suck. There is no privacy; the bathroom and shower stalls are constructed so haphazardly that there is a half-inch gap running the entire hinge side of the stall door. Noise is everywhere; the British are everywhere. An apartment search is imminent.

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