Sunday, 2 September 2007

General L.A. photos

I caught a ride with some Italian guys to Exposition Park -- they were heading on to Malibu -- to visit the Museum of Natural History. Even when we knew that we were on the correct path, we kept asking directions. L.A. is so vast, the distances between things so surreal, that we continually required reassurance that we were, in fact, not halfway to China.
The museum was full of small children and their lumbering herdswomen. The displays were impressive, although the wise, concerned expressions on the faces of African animals strained credulity.
The building was the backdrop to Ben Stiller's 'A Night In The Museum,' with an exhibit about the film (a la Planet Hollywood). The best room was a hands-on area with creatures' horns, fangs, an enormous stuffed polar bear, and a python-handling demonstration every half-hour. You don't get to play with the tarantulas or leeches.
Between my four (!) buses home, I stopped off at Walgreens, Staples, a Korean place, used the WiFi at an IHOP (acronyms both), and got a 99c burger at Jack In The Box.
I feel like Morgan Spurlock... I'm beginning to revolt myself with my relentless diet of Americana. My dinner is a six-pack of airline-sized Diet Pepsi, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Twinkies. Lunch was a hoagie and a Big Gulp, breakfast Pop-Tarts, a 99c Store box of some form of cereal bars, and Goobers. All are saccharine-sweet and unabashedly artificial, and fulfill some idiotic hipster desire deep within my psyche.

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