Monday, 3 September 2007

In Toronto

I'm in Toronto now - five hour flight but it sucked up a day 'cos I had to get up @ 6.30 to shuttle, check in, fly, lose three hours, Toronto shuttle, suddenly it's 8pm.
Canada's much mellower. I'm glad I spent a week in L.A., it took the edge off Toronto completely.

My last two days in L.A. I was hanging out with some strange people. We went on looping long drives around the southern beaches, four hours one way. One was an American guy who had smuggled marijuana out of the Dominican Republic and Nepal, and rolled hash into his hair to get it through Indian roadblocks. Another was an independent documentarian who was about to make a film about the indigenous population around the Grand Canyon, and the third was a girl from Montreal who ended up as a teeth-whitening salesgirl.
We went all around Venice Beach, Seal Beach, Rodondo, Huntingdon, Santa Monica, and everything else in great wandering arcs. It was just a lost couple of days in true L.A. style. If I ever want to waste a few years and completely lose any sense of who I am, I'll head back to Los Angeles.

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