Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Gist of April

I've made some specific plans for my U.S. trip in April. As follows:

Fly to Vegas on 31 March.
Stay at the El Cortez casino

Fly to Houston on 4 April
Stay in a hostel

Get an Amtrak (rail) pass for 30 days
Trek through the southern states for a few weeks: Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Florida
Trek through the eastern seaboard for a week or so: Virgina, D.C., Pennsylvania for the Democratic primary on 22 April, Connecticut, Massachusetts

Wind up in New York
Stay in New York for a week or ten days

Catch a bus back to Toronto (not all that far; same as Auckland to Wellington)

My rail pass lets me go anywhere here (click to zoom): I may end up anywhere. If I can't find a place to stay, I can just hop a long train ride and sleep on the way.

I'm taking one carry-on bag, one and a half laptops, and probably not enough socks.
I will see the America which is too boring and ugly to put on television, and experience it in all its gun-totin', Bible-believin', pig-wrasslin' glory. Hopefully not all on the same day.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I'm sure Wazz and myself are wondering, what will you do for cash?

Logan Longbourne said...

I've been continuing my freelance work during my travels, essentially working two jobs: the video store and the design stuff. They earn about the same, and I've been able to save almost half my income since Christmas. I won't have all that much when I get to Toronto, but it should be sufficient to cover me until I get a regular job. Plus there's always the design work.

I just updated my portfolio site to include work I've done since I left New Zealand:

Anonymous said...

Blow it in Vegas Logues, poverty maketh the man.
- wazz